3 Minutes

Every second is precious


America, and western Europe for that matter, have nothing that compares with Chinese New Year in China.

Chinese in the hundreds of millions, part of the largest migration on earth over a 1-week period, head to their villages, to their families to celebrate together.

I’ve got a family member in China for this year’s festivities right now.

If you’ve never visited China, you really must as soon as you can.

But that’s just the backdrop for this spot I’m sharing with you:


Apple’s not selling pixels, or apps, or price, or status.

You don’t even see an iPhone in this, even though it was made entirely on an iPhone.

There’s a lot to learn from this ad, one of the most viewed in China.

How precious each moment is when time is short.

How telling a story that resonates so strongly with so many is the best way to hold their attention.

How the best way to someone’s wallet passes through the heart before it reaches the brain.

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