24 Hours

Hilarious, and true.

Those two things are not mutually exclusive, as this proves.


A hand-drawn clock face with the words "not actually writing" in the center

with apologies to more productive artists… this is how it feels some days:

12am – 4am – not dreaming of inspiring things to write about
5am – not waking up to write
6am – not greeting the day with a poem
7am – not drinking a cup of hot water with lemon
8am – not free-writing in our journal
9am – not loving the few sentences we’ve managed to type
10am – wordle
11am – not knowing whether to call it breakfast or lunch
12pm – not replying to emails
1pm – not writing but hey at least the google docs tab is open
2pm – not completing a 24-min yoga video
3pm – not knowing whether to call it lunch or a snack
4pm – quordle
5pm – not writing
6pm – definitely thinking about dinner
7pm – making dinner while listening to a podcast
8pm – dinner and Frasier
9-11pm – not reading the book that’s open in our lap; scrolling instead”

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