2021’s “Best Of” Lists

For all sorts of fun things:

Let’s start with the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards HERE

And then to goofy/touching/inspiring Reddit Recap 2021

Google’s always emotional, this year deeply so, “Year In Search: Healing” …

Some of THESE are amazing!

I couldn’t resist THIS ONE

Of course there’s an annual list of the BEST PET PHOTOGRAPHS, and of course First Place went to a guy in Slovakia who loves dogs (though I might have voted for that shot of the rooster)…

But is there a special list of just the BEST DOG PHOTOGRAPHS 0f 2021, you ask? Mais bien sür.

TIME magazine’s Top 100 Photos of 2021

My Modern Met’s Top 50 Photographs of 2021

100 of the world’s best photographers favorite shots on sale to save the environment…

A World Ablaze, captured by AP photographers (click on the first picture to toggle through 154 images) …

The Atlantic magazine’s 2021 in Photos and Top 25 News Photos of 2021

More photographs than you can imagine in The Year in Pictures from the NY Times

The best space photos of 2021

NPR’s 100 Best Songs of 2021 … and Pitchfork’s Top 100 Songs of the Year

And Rolling Stones 50 Best Albums of 2021

Pocket’s Top Articles of 2021

The Guardian’s Best Books of 2021 as chosen by some of your favorite authors

Hyperallergic’s Top 10 Films of 2021 (you won’t see most of these on other lists) …

Up for some good news? Check out 21 Really Good Things That Happened in 2021

Doug’s Favorite Giant Panda video of the year … (how can you not love an animal whose sole purpose seems to be having fun?)