2014 Super Bowl Spots

And my favorite is…

I admire the sarcasm and self-deprecation of this spot for Newcastle:

Pretty funny, huh?

And if this spot from Guiness was actually allowed to run, it would certainly be a finalist, but US Olympic committee rules about ads featuring Olympic athletes by marketers who are not official sponsors required it to be pulled from YouTube last night:

The Guiness Twins

The message melds perfectly with the Guiness slogan and celebrates our better selves, the selves we wish we would always be.

But you had to know I would pick Budweiser, which produced my all-time favorite ad, that ran only once — the Clydesdales bowing to honor the city of New York in 2002:

Sorry about the video quality. I think HD had not yet arrived to YouTube in January of 2002.

My favorite spot this year continues the story Budweiser started with last year’s Super Bowl spot, Brotherhood:

Ready? It’s called Puppy Love…

So, what do you think?

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