20 Under 20

Why not?

Flickr recently announced the “…celebration of the 20 most talented young photographers on Flickr.” You can see them HERE.

Why doesn’t Radio do this?

I’m not talking about lists designed by consultants to stroke clients and build their business. I’m talking about celebrating — publicly celebrating — our best young talent. All formats would be eligible.

It may be hard for us now to find radio talent under the age of 21, but we can adjust our list to the Top 25 Under 25.

The NAB or RAB could run it. Air checks could be posted on their web site, with voting open to all those working in Radio, even those not members of the NAB or Rab.

Winners could be announced at the Radio Show.

Let’s find a way to put a bright spotlight, a national spotlight, on the very best young talents on our medium.