20,000,000 Songs Sold

And not a single star

My friend, George Johns, has been recommending we watch The Voice becuase of what we, as coaches, can learn from the coaching on that show.

This article claims some 20 million songs from The Voice have been downloaded in the past three years.

That’s a lot of songs for any artist.

What’s most interesting in the case of these 20 million downloads is that most of us can’t identify even one winner in this, the most popular reality show currently airing on American television. Not one.

This show, unlike American Idol, which has been bleeding listeners since the departure of Simon Cowell, is actually about the coaches more than the coached.

Every promo for The Voice highlights the coaches — the judges — rather than the contestants.

These contestants aren’t releasing new songs; they’re producing new versions of songs we already know and love.

And there must be something about this formula that motivates this show’s growing legions of fans to spend money on new renditions of songs they may already own.

Two take-aways…

Watch the show. Listen to the coaches offering very specific advice to the performers. This is what your air talent needs when you critique them, the tweak or two that turn a good bit into an unforgettable bit.

Will you consider playing songs, whether as Currents or Recurrents, by these unknowns that are being massively supported because of their exposure on this TV show?