$1.5 Million from Podcasting?


The headline is a show-stopper: Leo Laporte Makes $1.5 Million from Podcasting.

I have no idea if this is true.

But if this article helps even one of my many talented friends stay solvent for a while, it’s worth passing along.

This is the toughest time since the Great Depression for males over the age of 50 to find work.

I’ve had friends try the federal government, COSTCO, even Radio Shack.

They don’t get turned down because of their age, of course. That would lead to a lawsuit. But we all know it is their age.

You’ve got nothing to lose but some time.

Think niche.

That will probably be the hardest thing for talent and programmers who’ve spent entire careers building mass audiences.

But don’t underestimate your ability. You built those ratings one listener at a time. You did it by making each individual person think you were talking directly to him or her.


The best of you never paid attention to those who said you couldn’t. You ignored most of the rules, succeeded despite the obstacles placed in your path.

You can do it again. Dive in.

I hope it helps.

I wish I could do more.