Radio and TV Kick Digital’s Ass

So refreshing when someone speaks the truth…


It started with ‘The Long Tail,’ Chris Anderson’s book giving hope to all the nobodies, that the internet would save them, would finally grant them recognition and an income. Meanwhile, the rich have gotten richer and the poor have been completely ignored.”

We were told the internet was gonna eat everything that came before, positively decimate it. But this isn’t true.”

“…the reality is the internet has become a vast wasteland of linkbait. Even worse, it does not pay. That’s right, internet advertising rates keep going down, so your only hope is to grow your audience, by making ever blander trainwreck content. It’s a fool’s errand, a death spiral, and we’re in the process of tuning out.

But everybody’s paying for television.

Not network. Network was kinda like today’s web. Made for everybody, resonating with nobody, beholden to advertisers.”

“…it turns out the future is in niche. I’m not talking tiny niche, like electronic klezmer, I’m just saying by having edges you appeal to an upscale core that appreciates the effort and is willing to pay for it. Teens go to the movies, oldsters stay at home and experience their subscriptions.

This is a brilliant rant because he’s right. He is Bob Lefsetz and you can read his full take on this by clicking HERE.

This has applications and lessons for Radio too.

The “edges” you need will mostly be found in non-musical content, primarily because it is only non-musical content that can be totally proprietary and unique.

Meanwhile, keep proving to your advertisers they’re wasting their money on digital ads. Burning it.

Because Radio kicks digital’s ass too. Our reach proves that every single day.