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Tired and True

Tired and True

And that’s not a typo…

I’ve worked with just about every large radio company in the world, and many of the great small ones too.

One thing all seem to have in common? The guys at the very top always talk about how great their people are.

“The one thing no other company can touch: our people!”
“Our people make the difference!”
“The greatest asset this company has: it’s people!”

So, I’m wondering…

how many companies are spending more on “their people” than they were 20 years ago?

If people really do make a difference, how many groups budget to protect and grow that advantage?

Radio’s product, everything that comes out of the speakers, is the open door that invites listeners in. No listeners, no revenue.

Are there more, and better, people involved in the creation of Radio’s product now?

Are you spending more on that product, or is it under constant attack as an expense?

Do you think HBO, or Netflix, spend more on their proprietary, original content now than they did even 10 years ago? 5 years ago? One year ago!?

Why does any Radio CEO think anyone still believes their cliches?

Empty words don’t sound any better out of radio speakers than they ever did, and the only thing that matters to listeners is what comes out of the speakers.

We’re not fooling anyone who listens.

That is true even if those running your stations are tired of hearing it.