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The Future of TV

The Future of TV

And Radio?

Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer for Netflix, is predicting that the future of TV will include the unbundling of cable packages, increasing personalization of content, and the end of commercials as we have known them.

Internet TV is divorced of the need of advertising revenue because we can develop direct relationships with the consumer.”

He’s speaking of the ad-free, subscription based service Netflix and HBO offer, and which is extremely popular with consumers tired of the over-commercialization of network TV. You can read all of his comments HERE.

Every one of us in commercial radio knows that our product is too cluttered:

  • 7- and 8-unit stop sets (that don’t even count the 20-second sponsored traffic and weather reports)
  • Live spots bracket every set, and they always run longer than produced spots
  • Remotes mid-week, which we know 99% of those listening have zero interest in attending.

Do you sit passively at home and watch network TV shows, or do you zap through the spots?

We know what we’re doing to our listeners.

We know they have alternatives, and we’re fortunate those alternatives aren’t yet as good as Netflix and HBO on the TV side, or we’d be in real trouble.

We’ve got to find a new model.

It will probably include some sort of subscription-based revenue, which means creating proprietary content you can’t get on Pandora or Sirius or Spotify.

It definitely means big investments in that proprietary content, most of which will be non-musical.

Do you see that happening under Clear Channel, Cumulus, or CBS? Does Entercom or Hubbard have a track record of this kind of thinking?

Who will lead us to what’s next, because the old way is about to go away.