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One Shining Moment 2020

One Shining Moment 2020

What holds us together…


The last time so many of us were so frightened was after the 9/11 attacks.

The very acts of compassion and service we saw then brought us together and gave us hope.

It happens with every killer tornado, every hurricane, every flood – neighbors, strangers, reach out to volunteer, to help however they can.

Just a couple of days after the Towers fell, a friend invited me to go to the Rockies game with him. Lee Greenwood sang “God Bless The USA” before the first pitch.

The stands held only a few hundred of us because everyone was afraid to be in a place holding crowds, afraid they might be the next target.

Sports helped us regain our footing then. They helped us re-congregate, find a shared hope and resolve that fear would not forever rule our lives.

Unfortunately, today, we don’t even have that, which is why this video, created by Max Goren, an 18-year-old Sports Management major at N.C. State, comes packed with extra emotion this year:

Max created this video using only YouTube videos available to anyone and iMovie editing software.

Max understood the power of a shared dream. He understood that we need to find ways to stay together even as we are prohibited from being together.

He realized he could do something to help, sitting alone in his room.

He created something that can be shared right now to remind us that this is temporary, that life will eventually become normal again.

And, boy, do we need that!