Move Me!

Move Me!

Can you?


Bernadette Jiwa, a marketing expert I follow (and a person I would recommend you follow too) says the difference between a good story and a great story is that a good story gets our attention while a great story changes us forever.

You can’t change someone’s mind using facts; that requires changing how they feel.

Emotion before action.

So much of what consolidated radio is about today is ratings manipulation: put your spots in these specific windows, only let your jocks talk for this tiny amount of time.

Stop trying to game the system. Stop trying to manipulate me.

Move me.

Move me by making me feel every time you speak. Every liner, every jock bit, every promo.

Yes, that will require talent that has this skill, the kind of talent Radio made its reputation with.

It will require content worth hearing, every stop, every hour, every day. It will require coaching and planning and preparation and a focus on execution.

But it is the only way forward if Radio wants to continue to be an option to the music streaming services.

Move me!