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It’s Not Right

It’s Not Right

It’s never been right!


It would be one thing if — as predicted — technology was taking mass numbers of listeners away.

Constant connection and 24-hour news accessibility killed newspapers. The model of waiting until tomorrow morning to find out what happened yesterday just wouldn’t sustain itself under that reality.

But Radio still has huge listenership.

More people still listen to a radio station every week than use a smartphone!

I know, it’s so astounding, it’s almost impossible to believe. Most people I share this with don’t believe me.

So, the model Radio’s been using for the past 30 years, under the consolidation that was supposed to “save Radio,” cannot be defended as necessary.

We still have listeners and there is every reason to believe Radio would be even stronger if radio company CEO’s had not slashed staffing, fired most of the most creative, talented people because they’re too expensive, and mortgaged our future for unsustainable debt and profits today.

I’m looking for the CEO who cuts his/her salary before cutting air staff.

I’m looking for ownership willing to share a piece of the company with the employees who create the product that keeps the business thriving.

There is another way to do this.

We’ve always known it, and it’s past time to do something about it.

Radio needs a real leader. Radio needs a visionary.

Radio needs to write its own anti-CEO playbook.