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6 Seconds

6 Seconds

This, I like!

Have you heard about 6 Seconds?

Positioned as an alternative to Pandora, it is so much more.

6 Seconds is about radio station discovery. It lets you hear some of the best radio stations around the world as it searches for songs and artists you request.

I grew up in Singapore, and consult stations all over the world, so I’ve always had an affinity for “International” radio, but after working with NRJ Group for so many years, I realized there is much to learn, much that inspires, by listening to some of the great stations I’ve heard in Europe, Asia and Australia.

6 Seconds sounds like a wonderful way to discover new radio stations to love. Real radio stations, with air talent, and local flavoring and local news coverage.

I’m for anything that keeps great radio stations thriving and this will serve as a reminder that you may be entertaining people literally continents away.

That’s a huge stage and spotlight.

What did you bring today to earn it?


BTW, if you don’t already subscribe to Kurt Hanson’s Rain News, it’s worth your time.